Functionality through Passion

The motto of Sedlacek engineers is to create a comprehensive and holistic outline for your business. We stand for the functionality of our designs and technical facilities. Without compromise. Not only 98% or 99%, but 100% functionality.

Consequences in functionality mean:

  • Guarantee
    All needs of our customers will be fulfilled by 100%.
  • Sustainability
    We make sure that functionality and sustainability are working together. Out of passion.
  • Area Requirements
    The areas for all building technologies are utilized perfectly.
  • Price and Performance
    Optimal price and performance ratio.
  • Rules and Regulations
    All technical norms, rules and regulations are observed.
  • Dimensions
    All installations are exactly calculated.
  • Optimization
    The energy flow is optimized and there is no excess capacity.
  • Investment Security
    Exact functional balancing of all building systems makes sure that your investment is safe.

Mile markers on the way to functionality

S+P Ingenieure AG Sedlacek Heilbronn Stift


Sedlacek & Partner
is founded

S+P Ingenieure AG Sedlacek Heilbronn Männchen


years of experience

S+P Ingenieure AG Sedlacek Heilbronn Awards



Dual leadership ensures technical and economic success


1993 Incorporation

Sedlacek + Partner incorporated as a regional engineering company continuing on the engineering office of Gert Sedlacek which was founded in 1970.

1998 Sabine Sedlacek joins

After the retirement of Gert Sedlacek a year earlier Sedlacek + Partner start fresh with Dieter Sedlacek as CTO and Sabine Sedlacek as CFO.

2005 Incorporation as S+P Ingenieure AG

Sabine and Dieter Sedlacek start S+P Ingenieure AG in June of 2005 pursuing seamlessly the business of Sedlacek + Partner in January of 2006.

2006 New Company Building

Since the downtown offices became too crowded a new building was constructed in a commercial area of Heilbronn.

2011 Optimized New Mission

A new brand was created: Sedlacek – functionality through passion connecting the company tradition with becoming a modern engineering services provider.